Newbuilding of Ships

While we mostly regard ourselves as a supplier of ship’s sections, hulls and superstructures for the larger shipyards, we have, since establishing the company, also built a number of vessels completely on our own.

MEKO A200 frigates – 2020

The Egyptian Navy has placed an order with thyssenkrupp Marine Systems for four MEKO A200 frigates, with the first three ships to be built in Bremerhaven.

The first ship, which was launched on April 27, 2021, was handed over to the Egyptian Navy by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems after a construction period of 39 months. Ship two is currently undergoing sea trials and the third ship is expected to be delivered in August 2023.

Sailing Vessel "Alexander von Humboldt II" - 2011

There are very few cases of newly built tall ships today – nonetheless, in 2010, we took on the challenge of building the new three-mast barque “Alexander von Humboldt II“.

The 65-meter-long, 10-meter-wide ship shell was built at our Bremen premises at Zur Westpier 40. In Bremerhaven, the tall ship was outfitted with masts, yardarms, sails and all other gear.

Just as its predecessor (the world renowned, old “Alex”), the new three-mast barque will serve as a youth and training vessel for sail training programs. Since 2015, the Alex II once again flies the greatly admired, iconic green sails.

Ro-Ro Vessel "Kugelbake" - 2009

We built the Ro-Ro vessel “Kugelbake” for Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co.KG in 2009.

The special purpose vessel, named after the landmark of the city of Cuxhaven (a wooden, 30-meter tall navigation marker), measures approximately 80 meters in length and 19 meters in width and was built at our Bremen premises at Zur Westpier 40.

The ship was built for the periodic transport of large shipping containers from Nordenham to Hamburg. It can also be employed as a transport vessel in the offshore-sector.

Megayacht "Le Grand Bleu" - 2000

While the mega yacht “Le Grand Bleau”, delivered in 2000, was built at the premises of the former Bremen-based shipyard Vulkan (today our Bremen premises at Zur Westpier 40), it was no longer constructed by the Vulkan shipyard, which went into insolvency in 1996, but rather by Stahlbau Nord GmbH and the Kusch Yachtagentur.

Construction of the mega yacht “Le Grand Bleau” began in 1998. It was the last newbuilding in the now Vulkan grand dock, originally designed for super tankers, which has since been filled in.

The 112-meter-long explorer mega yacht is among the 30 largest yachts in the world. It is among the three largest explorer yachts.